Well alright, I'm back on my feet again
Wits sharp like a brand new fountain pen
Oh I'd sing it, I'd it through
With confidence if only it were true

For a year I've been stuck inside my bed
The only songs were sung in inside my head
So come on darling, give me just a little hope
I need something to set my heart a-glow

Wanna fear the trumpet's lightning
Wanna feel my heartbeat heightening now
Come on let me hear the strings a-swelling
Bass guitar and the drums propelling me

Come on darling
Gimme just a little bit of time
Oughta be just fine

Feeling good, but I'm ill at ease
Feeling fine but I just can't make ends meet
Been pacing 'round, up and down the avenue
For all I'm worth I can't crank out a single tune

Wanna die in major keys
Three shots from the symphonies
Golden chorus gonna knock me down
Your harmonies your melodies your wall of sound

Oh darling,
Gimme just a little more time
It oughta be alright
(And the bridge came in it went like this it went...)

Heard a song that I just can't shake
Shook my body like an earthquake
Now you got me singing left and right
Wanna hear it from both sides, well alright

Well I heard a song right across the wire
Struck a chord set my heart on fire
Now I gotta hear it over again
And oh I gotta tell all my friends so come on

And that's when I saw her, in my mind's eye
She was falling like a sword from out of the sky
And as she cut through those clouds
And as she cut through that rain
That's when she spoke to me, and she made it plain
Here's what she said, she just said:

"I just wanna see you dance
Come on baby take a chance
Don't be shy gotta take my hand
You gotta give give give what your heart demands"

I said
"There's nothing I can do, but sing to you"
"There's nothing I can do, but sing to you"

She said,
"Well come on baby, come on baby.

I sang
"Ooh ooh ooh"


from Constellations, track released May 1, 2010



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