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from by Antarctica Takes It!

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Oh, when you go, I don't know if I can take another breakdown
When you're with me, can't you see I don't want nobody else now

I've been riding on the city bus fare
Thinking of you without a care
Tell myself I know it's nothing
So divided hear myself sing

Try to think of you as a friend
But this sweet heartbeat
Change my mind again

I'm feeling fine, check the time, glass of wine before I call you
Yes, I confess, I'm a mess so darling come on be true

Because lately I've been full of folly
Left my car keys in the laundry
Late again I'm in the bike lane
Feelings for you I cannot contain

Try to think of you as a friend
Not so hard let it go
But this sweet heartbeat
Change my mind again

But things fall apart, I forget all the words I practiced to say
I get tangled up, and I'm out of luck, no middle just disarray
I just gotta catch my breath, learn to coordinate and deal
Count to ten, backwards again, I'm sure, I know it's real

Just let it breathe, gotta keep my cool
Sticking to the beat no I won't play the fool
Gotta steady pace, my routine's unchanged
When I see your face I get rearranged

So just walk with me, talk with me too

Oh and confidence, need you by my side
If you're on the fence we can't see eye to eye
Cuz my heart gives out, feel the moment freeze
Without a doubt you are the one for me.

And now it's crystal clear what I need to do
But when the moment comes I hesitate, I stumble
And I watch it go...

Now I'm lost to the blue, without you, what's the point of even trying?
Still staying strong, nothing's wrong yet I cannot keep from crying

I can't blame the situation
All on mis-communication
Still I wish the words were spoken
"Only you can mend this broken heart"

Try to think of you as a friend
But it's hard, it's so hard, I feel my
Sweet heart beat, change my mind again
I don't know what to do without you


from Constellations, released May 22, 2010



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