The Penguin League

by Antarctica Takes It!

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released June 1, 2006

Dylan McKeever
Tyler Martin
Maria Schoettler
Vanessa Waring



all rights reserved


Antarctica Takes It!

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Track Name: I'm No Lover
I'm not a lover I'm a fighter
I will burn your house down
I will eat your children alive
I will turn your lover's bones
Into tiny violins to play when you die

It's not a matter of expression
For I have come here to destroy
Everything you have held dear
Throughout your life
So you'd better buck up
Because I'm coming for your throat.
Track Name: Circuits
Send me a signal 'cross my circuitry
There's little tiny lights blinking randomly
See the spark ignite with electricity
I know there's light inside of you and inside of me.

There's highways in your bloodstream
There's highways to your heart
See the muscle see the bone
See each sinew tie each part
See the synapse fire wildly see the chemicals collide
Such a wondrous thing you are.
But where did you go?

There's gravity that's pulling around the places where you are. And I feel the pull.
And though I'm flying through the dark
I will always know how far
I need to travel to find you.
I know you're out there.

All of the lines of your fiber interweave
With the oxygen and soil and the water and breeze
All of your molecules will fall apart and leave
But the pull of your light still finds me.
Track Name: My Friend Sam S
Have you seen the skeleton dressed in a suit of human skin?
Did he come this way? Did you hear him say: "Wish I could spend my nights and days, sleeping in a grave"

Have you seen his staggered step, his gaping jaw, or collapsed head?
See his sagging flesh, his polluted breath? Singin' "lay my body down six feet underground."

The walking dead destroys, everything he once enjoyed
His fingertips will burn, every pleasure he has earned
His molecules won't see the soil they must push the boulder and forever toil away.

Whenever he coughs you can hear the bones rattle in his frame.
Whenever he talks you can hear his dry throat crack and strain.
It ain't oxygen he's breathing it's just dust in those lungs.
It ain't blood that he's streaming it's just rust that runs.

The beard grows thick, and the eyes sink deep
And this tired corpse will his vigil keep
Oh the haggard wreck, such a derelict
He says: "I can't be blamed no more"

The days will burn and the nights will freeze
He'll surrender to rot and disease
But death will not arrive to take away his life
To take the fire from his chest,
To put the goddamn soul to rest.
Track Name: Heart Of Stone
I broke up, I stepped out of the light
My arms didn't have to fight
All my thoughts avoided January
My head exploded into a million sparks
I had to set it in the dark
And I walked it off

You've got a heart of stone, so just leave me alone.

I lost my way on a beaten track,
I had to retrace my steps back
To a home I never called my own,
Some ocean view, some birds out on a limb,
The freckles in your skin, broke the camels back

She said "You've got a heart of stone, so just leave me alone"
Track Name: The Song Is You
He bears the heart of his only son in a tiny mason jar
And plays the funeral music from the moving train-line cars
The water on the window reminds him of the tears
He has used to preserve the organ he has carried all these years

He plays their song. And the ghost of his love sings along
His cello glides. With the ghost of his absent wife.

In the winter they will bury their father in the snow
So in the springtime all his bones will surface from the soil to glow
The brothers will remember exactly how he died
In a drunken fit of jealousy to make the queen his bride

When he was on his knees. With the upturned piano keys.
Singing "Canada, won't you come home my love?"

She sits upon a wooden swing high above the stage
And he can't believe it's her he sees cause the years hold not a trace
But her memory cannot recall the life she left behind
And his broken heart will accompany his mental health's decline

She sings their song. But the tune comes out all wrong.
Her tapeworm cries, "He was the one, the song, your life!"

His brother the American holds his bloodied side
He stumbles across the burning stage while the fire rises high
He finally sees his destiny, his fortune falls in place
In the thundering crescendo of the white inferno flames

But the music plays. It comes through sick, malformed, depraved
His body glows. With the fire from the hells below!
Track Name: Fog Song
All the people wrap up,
See the steam from their coffee cups
See your breath through the pines
See the cars follow those street lights
The fog rolls in each night

See the storm spread out
See it slide and swim about
See the gulls all cry
And the harbor workers sigh
The fog rolls in each night

I saw you: swimming in the breeze
I watched you: the air became you wings
Sing me that sound, sing your ocean song to me.
Track Name: Davenport
The sunflowers along the bay, the goats were the same
See them chewing away
There was light in your eyes that day
The black berries hide in the lagoon
Tie this string around your wrist attach this blue balloon
To lose at a party soon

The coast was tired with a summer light
We tossed up our hands to a dragon kite
I don't want to sleep at all tonight
The fruit that we taste, the sandwiches we made
The sand in your shoes, your smiling face
Let's stay here, let's stay

I can't believe this is actually working out, so perfectly.

Now there's distance between, trace this wide globe.
I hope that your heart knows its way home
To mine, cause I'm all alone
Track Name: Antarctica
We stole away from the crown of flame
For a cold land without a name
We had our maps and our compass set
For the long journey ahead

We traced shapes cross the starry skies
And made our way through each tender night
We heard the weary whales tune
And sang along 'neath a silver moon

Antarctica! You stole our hearts!
Antarctica! You stole our hearts!

We saw the ice storms and glacier peaks
We watched the skies lose light for weeks
We felt the madness shake our souls
We grew our beards down to our toes

Do you remember the giant squid?
In our cabin deck we hid
Our bending hull in tenacious grip
All trapped inside our tiny ship

Antarctica! You stole our hearts!
Antarctica! You stole our hearts!

And when our ship's mast was seaward bound
Toward icy depth, towards Poseidon's crown

Oh you banshee wind you came singing
In a whirlwind I thought I saw our end

On a frosty wine-dark sea
We fought brave and gallantly
But now our parts all sink into
The bottom of the ocean blue

Backs bourne against the tide
Our fate writ on the heaven's high

In a frozen grave, above the ocean's waves
In a tattered part, see the broken heart.

Antarctica! You stole our hearts!
Antarctica! You stole our hearts!
Track Name: Goodbye
I've walked every road of mine
I think I'm alone this time
Goodbye, love

There's a place I'd like to be
Where the river meets the sea
Goodbye, love

Lay my body on the shore
Close my eyes forevermore
Goodbye, love